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Kids jumping into a pool in Deerfield Beach

Custom Swimming Pools from Deerfield Beach to West Palm Beach

In-ground pools should be more than just a pool; they should be works of art. For that reason, we think that pools should be custom-designed and built just for you. Our in-house pool designer and pool builder have been building custom pools from Deerfield Beach to West Palm Beach for the last twenty years. We know custom pools. If you want some idea of how this process works and how you can get your own original custom pool, check out the following.


Meet With Our Pool Designer and Pool Contractor


The first step is meeting with our pool contractor to get accurate measurements for the size of your custom pool. Then the pool designer begins on designing your pool and incorporating the elegant and fantastic features you want most. Maybe you want a unique shape, a spa on the side, a fountain in the middle, etc.. Whatever it is, the designer takes it into consideration and figures out how to fit it into the space you have for the ultimate custom pool. We can event design a saltwater pool for you!


You Approve the Design and Our Pool Builder Begins the Groundwork


Once you approve the design (and you can request as many changes to the design as you like), we find a pool builder near you in either Deerfield Beach or West Palm Beach. We work with the builder to excavate the ground for your pool. He or she may also pour any concrete needed for your pool.


We Drop in or Mold the Pool


Some pools have custom-made drop-in liners to act as guides for plaster, concrete and stone. If that is the case, that step occurs next. If not, then the pool has to be molded and shaped by hand using uniquely constructed wall and floor guides. A pool that is all tile starts with concrete and ends with individually-placed tiles. Walk-in pools are gradually sloped embankments of concrete and plaster. Each pool has its own construction approach, as will yours.


Plumbing Is Installed and Connected


This process may be separate or simultaneous in conjunction to pool construction. It just depends on the approach used to construct your custom pool and any special features you have requested (e.g., a fountain or side spa). If you are going to use your own city plumbing from your house to the pool, these connections have to be made during the excavation process.


The Deck Is Made


The area around your pool is your deck. It can be as fancy or as simple as you like and it can be enclosed indoors or open to the outdoors. After the deck is installed, the pool can be filled and enjoyed.


Indoor vs. Outdoor Custom Pools


The big question here is whether you will enclose your pool in its own building (e.g., a pool house or something similar to pool rooms at a motel) or have an entirely outdoor pool. Here in Florida you can go both ways, but a lot of our customers choose to be outdoors only pool customers. If you decide you want to enclose the pool, that is the last bit of the project we complete because it's just walls around your pool.


You can choose from atrium window walls, cedar walls, or walls that can open to the outdoors when the mood suits you. We also build poolside pergolas that double as poolside bars, if that interests you. Ask our designer about your pool enclosure options during the design process.

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