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saltwater pool West Palm Beach

Saltwater Pools in Palm Beach and Broward County

Is Building a Saltwater Pool a Good Option for You?

As anyone can guess, there are far fewer saltwater pools than freshwater in Palm Beach County and Broward County ( Though we are trying to change that, by building saltwater pools in the area and installing them more and more ). But this doesn’t mean that area residents aren’t becoming more and more interested in the saltwater versions.

Did you know that about one in five swimming pools in the U.S. are salty, and growing! That means thousands of Broward and Palm Beach pools are salty as well. If you are thinking about getting one, here are the advantages we see as Pompano - West Palm Beach pool builders. If you are already a briny pool owner, it’s important that you know what it takes to service and maintain your saltwater pool.

Advantages of Salt Water Pools

Swimming in a salt mineral bath serves as a form of relaxation therapy. The experience is even more relaxing when the water is heated up. Some people claim that the salt acts as a detoxifying cleanser that removes toxins from the skin.

Saltwater pools are also valued simply because they are more unique and interesting than freshwater pools. The uniqueness of having a pool with saltwater is enough to interest many pool owners from Pompano and Deerfield Beach to West Palm Beach.

Anyone who wants an all natural pool should be interested in the saltwater version. They are so much easier to maintain than traditional pools and as saltwater pool builders we know first hand that they are not that much more to install.

In addition, swimming in salt is more natural than swimming in chlorine, which is a store-bought chemical.


There are several good reasons why people prefer to swim in freshwater and chlorinated water rather than saltwater. Freshwater is considered to be cleaner and lighter than the salty kind. Most people feel more comfortable swimming in water that’s purified and free of minerals.

In addition to comfort, there is the concern of safety. Saltwater has never been safe to drink, even for people with the strongest kidneys. It’s easy for swimmers of all ages to ingest saltwater by accident. Too much salt dehydrates the body, which may result in diarrhea and headaches. If the water is ingested over a long period of time, kidney damage occurs.

Saltwater Maintenance Tips

Even though the pool has salt in the water, you still have to keep it clean. Since there’s no chlorine or chemicals used, you’ll have to work harder at cleaning it.

Start by replacing the pool filter every few months or after a period of heavy usage. In addition, replace the old pool water with clean freshwater regularly.

It’s important that you pour in the right amount of salt, depending on the pool’s size and the amount of water. You don’t have to complete every step on your own. Living Water Pools is the ideal company to contact for professional assistance in maintaining a pool.

Pouring gallons of harmful chlorine into your pool is not necessary. You can have a clean, healthy swimming experience with just salt, water and a regular maintenance plan. In addition, people will be more interested in your pool if it’s like no other one in the neighborhood. Know what it takes to maintain this type of pool and contact the right company to provide the right services.

If you have questions about getting a new pool, or repairs or aren’t sure of how exactly to service the swimming pool you already have, in Streamline Pool Builders in West Palm Beach is here to assist you! Just call us or fill out our brief inquiry form.

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